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Finally unique specialty baked goods found in our area! No more having to search everwhere!

“Helping people who crave unique pastries and other bakes find the specialty items they've been looking for, locally! 

Hi, I'm Laura!

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It's all about YOU and your loved ones...

Really good homemade baked goods can bring us so much joy! I love biting into a delicious pastry and being amazed at the flavors and textures. Finding something you've never had before or having a bake that brings you back to your childhood...I want to give you these opportunities. I want you to crave these unique bakes and treat yourself and your loved ones any time you want!

I want to add more joy & comfort to your days...

I have always loved finding unique bakeries that offer really special pastries and other unique items. Many people have trouble finding delicious gluten free options. I have not been able to find these things locally so decided I would start my own home bakery. Local, unique, specialty baked goods are here!

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Wedding Cakes

Custom wedding cakes aren't my area of expertise. BUT if my bakes happen to align with your vision, I'll gladly bake for your wedding :)

Themed Cakes

I do not do themed cakes. I prefer to decorate with simple, natural things like chocolate curls, nuts and fruits. I do not use dyes or fondant. Hopefully you can find a local baker who specializes in what you're looking for.


I offer a few gluten free and dairy free items. Please note these are prepared in the same kitchen as other baked goods. I do my best to keep everything safe but cannot guarantee strict allergy friendly.

Freshly Made


When you're ready, order here.

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